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Andrej Kralj victorious on Pohorje

After an exciting finale, 16th Maribor Open was won by Andrej Kralj 3d (Ljubljana) with four wins out of five rounds; he came ahead on SOS points of two other players with four wins, Leon Matoh 5d (Novo mesto) and Gregor Butala 4d (Ljubljana), who tied for the second place. The tournament was held in hotel Tisa on Pohorje mountains and attracted 35 participants from four countries.

Best kyu player was young Croatian prodigy Matej Zakanj 1k (Velika Gorica), who won four of his games and is probably only a step from his shodan promotion. Debutant Tina Štabuc 16k (Maribor) was the best woman player; she scored very respectable three wins at her first official tournament.


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