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Ljubljana took Slovenian team title

The winner of 15th Team Championship of Slovenia, that was held on October 21st 2006, is the first team of Go Club Ljubljana (Šiška, Butala, Ekart), which took the title without a single loss during the three rounds of competition. Six teams participated, three from Ljubljana, two from Kranj and one from Maribor, each consisting of three members. Club from Novo mesto didn’t join the championship this year.

Due to peculiarities of Swiss system, it happened that the winning team didn’t meet with the second-placed one – the latter, first team of Go Club Kranj (Zakotnik, Pogačnik, Pintar), probably lost any chances for a final triumph already in the first round, after suffering 1-2 defeat against Ljubljana’s second team (Kralj, Drobež, Šuc), which finished third in the end. Fourth place went to Maribor team (Mastinšek, Rojs, Janža), and the last two places were taken by Kranj’s second team (Furlan, Nonne, Jerkovič) and Ljubljana’s third team (Zamuda, Pergar, Rant).



Matoh took Maribor Open

As it had already happened many times in the past, Slovenian big gun Leon Matoh 5d (Go Club Novo mesto) won the traditional Maribor Open, held on 16th and 17th September in Hotel Areh on Mount Pohorje, sweeping the opposition with a perfect score of five wins. 23 players from three countries participated, nine of them were dan level. Second place went to Francesco Marigo 4d from Italy (Higashikita Go Club) and Gregor Butala 4d (Go Club Ljubljana) finished third. Best kyu player was Torsten Bringman 1k (Higashikita Go Club) with three wins.



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