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Ljubljana defended Slovenian team title

16th Team Championship of Slovenia took place on May 19th 2007 in Kranj, where Go Club Ljubljana successfully defended the title of National Team Champion. Namely, the first Ljubljana team (Gregor Butala 4d, Goran Šiška 4d and Timotej Šuc 3d) finished first after the five rounds of round-robin league, just ahead of Team Novo mesto (Leon Matoh 5d, Dušan Jukič 4d and Matjaž Jakopin 1k), which fell one victory short.

Third place was shared by Ljubljana’s second team (Eduard Ekart 5d, Andrej Kralj 3d, Marjan Drobež 2d) and Go Club Kranj (Milan Zakotnik 5d, Aleš Pogačnik 3d and Miro Mrak 3d), with the Maribor Team (Bojan Rojs 4d, Janez Janža 3d and Miklavž Mastinšek 3d) following fifth. Best players of the Team Championship were Leon Matoh (on first board), Goran Šiška (on second board) and Marjan Drobež (on third).



Ondrej Šilt won in Bled

The traditional Slovenian Open, 19th Memorial of Lado Omejc, which was held from 20th to 22nd April 2007 in Hotel Astoria in Bled, was won by Ondrej Šilt 6d (Czech Republic), who was undefeated after all six rounds of the tournament. Second place went to Pal Balogh 6d (Hungary), who had five wins; Radek Nechanicky 6d (Czech Republic) followed with four. Best woman player was Rita Pocsai 4d (Hungary), who finished sixth.

The tournament was also the last event in the European Cup 2006-2007 (the latter was won by Pal Balogh: eleven points that he got for second place pushed him to the top of the overall standings) and landed rather strong field of players: out of twenty dan-level participants, a half were 4d or stronger. However, the biggest surprise of this year was the performance of Torsten Bringmann 1k, who won all of his games (and probably also his shodan promotion) and finished in the 12th place.



Butala won Gaspari Memorial

The traditional Open Championship of Ljubljana - Memorial of Peter Gaspari was held on December 16th 2006 in Žolna Bar and attracted 18 players from three clubs and two countries. It was won by Gregor Butala 4d (Ljubljana Go Club) with a perfect score of five wins out of five rounds. He was followed by Timotej Šuc 2d, who finished second with one point less, and Andrej Kralj 3d (both from Ljubljana), who had to be content with three victories and the third place. Best kyu player was Jure Jerkovič 1k (Go Club Kranj), who finished fifth, and the best woman player was Ilona Rac 10k (Ljubljana Go Club), who took eighth place with amazing four wins.

The tournament was played for 15th time in a row and the well-known combined pairing system was used: the participants were initially divided in three MacMahon groups according to their categories (dan level and strong/weak kyu players) while the handicap was rank difference reduced by two stones.



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