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Andrej Kralj victorious on Pohorje

After an exciting finale, 16th Maribor Open was won by Andrej Kralj 3d (Ljubljana) with four wins out of five rounds; he came ahead on SOS points of two other players with four wins, Leon Matoh 5d (Novo mesto) and Gregor Butala 4d (Ljubljana), who tied for the second place. The tournament was held in hotel Tisa on Pohorje mountains and attracted 35 participants from four countries.

Best kyu player was young Croatian prodigy Matej Zakanj 1k (Velika Gorica), who won four of his games and is probably only a step from his shodan promotion. Debutant Tina Štabuc 16k (Maribor) was the best woman player; she scored very respectable three wins at her first official tournament.



Summer Open exciting again

On the surface, the traditional Ljubljana Summer Open, held on first Saturday of July, finished without major surprises: it was won by a player with the highest rank in the playing field, Gregor Butala 4d, followed by Andrej Kralj 3d, who was also regarded as one of the favourites. However, Butala’s triumph was not so smooth; after a loss in the final round, he only got the title with a help of superior SOS points. Torsten Bringmann 1d, the star of this year’s Memorial of Lado Omejc, finished third, followed by debutant Tadej Humar 8k, who surprised the competition in his first tournament appearance and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the future. Fifth place was taken by Marjan Drobez 2d, who thus failed to win the Summer Open for the third time in a row.

Although some established names were missing this year, the tournament was again exciting until the very end, full of interesting, closely-fought games in a pleasant atmosphere, set by the vivid surrounding of Mostec park.



China wins World Amateur Championship

Fotografija: Y. Kayama / WAGC

28th World Amateur Go Championship, which was held from May 28th to May 31st in Tokyo, Japan, was won by the Chinese reprezentative, 13-year old Ziteng Shan 8d, who swept the opposition with straight wins in eight rounds of the tournament. Following him were Dong-Ha Woo 7d (Republic of Korea) and Hironobu Mori 7d (Japan) with seven wins; Slovenian representative, Gregor Butala 4d, finished 41st with four wins and the same number of losses. Though he improved on his last year’s result, he was not really satisfied with his performance. »The score may look satisfactory, but considering the strength of my opponents and the playing field in general, I cannot consider it a success. Also, my goal before this championship was to get five wins,« commented Butala after returning from Japan. Additional information about WAGC are on the official home page.



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