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25. Memorial Vladimir Omejc - Slovenian Open 2014

Slovenian Go association (in cooperation with the Go association Kranj) welcomes you to the 25th Memorial Vladimir Omejc - Slovenian Open 2014. This traditional tournament will be held from 11th to 13th of April 2014 in Bled, one of the main Slovenian tourist centers.




24. Vladimir Omejc memorial returns to Bledu

After a year that Slovenian Open was hosted by maribor go club the go caravan returns to Bled. Change in micro-location of the hotel Astoria with hotel Jelovica did not confuse anyone and tournament was well attended. 39 players from six countries (in addition to the locals from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Italy), who competed in six rounds from Friday to Sunday afternoon (19 to 21 April 2013). First three places were occupied by the Czechs, with Ondrej Silt 6d on top, the only player unbeaten throughout the tournament. Other results are documented, we can highlight ten victories of Podpera family (Lukas Podpera 5d Milos Podpera 8k) and strong play by Igor Nonne 1d, who has successfuly confirmed master category. The tournament was attended by three ladies, the best was Anna Marconi 11k, which ended with four wins at 32 place.




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